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"Steph was absolutely wonderful, her kind and knowledgeable approach to supporting my little one and I was so welcomed, and I have practical advice for the next steps of our breastfeeding journey, as well as feeling listened to. So grateful for her session and I would highly recommend booking in with her, a million percent worth it :) thank you Steph!" 

"Steph has been an amazing support throughout the later stages of pregnancy for me and in providing confidence about breast feeding baby 2 despite my struggles last time.
She ran through any concerns I had and provided me with not only answers but visualisations to back it all up and further support me. Steph has been on hand whenever Iv needed to message her and I’m very greatful 😊 It is making me feel a lot calmer knowing I have someone to reach out to when and if I need to. Thank you Steph!"

I feel compelled to share my own feedback on our experience so far, as a new dad…
The support & help we’ve had over the past few weeks from Steph has been truly amazing and we will always be grateful for the help we have received. 
We’ve learnt through this process that you do kind of just get abandoned in this new parent experience, and although there is support, it’s not vast and quite tricky to actually access. Our daughter is 24 days old today, and of course we have had, and are continuing to have, moments of extreme stress & anxiety. Having someone on hand to immediately advise & reassure has been a godsend, and my wife having that option of someone just being a message away has been unbelievably helpful.. Within a day or two of my wife contacting Steph, she’d arranged a home visit and was in our living room going through the lactation process, as well as more advice on all things involved with what we were and still are going through. She offered reassurance on areas my wife was excelling, and help on things that could be improved. We felt immediately comfortable with Steph who is incredibly personable and lovely, who’s only goal is to help you through what we can honestly say has been the most life changing experience, to all extremes.
Thank you Steph for being fantastic with my wife, as without you that initial week that we had your help would have a lot tough! We’re very grateful!"

"I could not recommend this course enough. I knew the course would be great and really informative, but it certainly exceeded my expectations. Steph’s knowledge on all things breastfeeding is hugely impressive. I asked many questions and there was nothing she didn’t know!
The content covered during the course is vast and is great value for money. 
If you would like to understand the science behind breastfeeding (backed up with lots of studies) and all the fantastic benefits it brings to mother and baby, this course will not disappoint.
Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge. I now feel fully equipped to embark on the challenging yet exciting journey that is, breastfeeding!"

"Steph was amazing at helping me through the early days of BF. She was informative, friendly and responsive during my follow up time over WhatsApp. Her advice helped me and my baby massively and would highly recommend her!"

"I was experiencing some pain while breastfeeding so contacted Steph early on in my journey to try and nip it in the bud. Steph gave me some helpful tips and the pain stopped within a day or two. A few days later I experienced engorgement and Steph sent some really useful info on tackling this so again, this was sorted within a few days. I'd highly recommend contacting Steph early on in your breastfeeding journey to ensure a great breastfeeding experience."

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