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Antenatal & Postnatal Classes 
1:1 Breastfeeding Support in Devon

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Breastfeeding Antenatal Class

Suitable from 34 weeks of pregnancy

If you are reading this, chances are that you know (or have been told) that breastfeeding is what's best for your baby - and if you're anything like I was, you're happily going through your pregnancy under the impression that breastfeeding is totally natural and trusting that things will just happen and all will be well. Am I right? However, breastfeeding is much the same as birth really - you can have all the best intentions, but sometimes things just don't work out as planned! I know that you want to enter parenthood fully informed about how to feed and nurture your baby, and which common challenges you may find yourself facing, including how to manage them and where to go for support.

"I'll think about that after I've had my baby...."

I get it. I really do. You are utterly consumed with your pregnancy in the same way that I was and can't really think beyond the birth - that's the bit you've got to get through first after all. And you're not wrong, but birth is a finite experience. Feeding and nurturing your baby lasts, far, far longer. Planning for this, knowing what to expect and where to go for additional support can make a huge difference to your early days and weeks with a newborn. Knowing what to expect, how it all works, and what to do if you experience challenges will get your breastfeeding journey off to a positive start.


"Thank you for sharing your knowledge, Steph. I now feel fully equipped to embark on the challenging yet exciting journey that is breastfeeding!"

We cannot predict which babies will struggle to latch and which mums may need additional support with feeding their little ones. But you can rock up to your Maternity Unit or sink into your at-home birthing pool empowered with knowledge of what those first few minutes, hours and days after birth will look like, and how to give yourself and your baby the best chance of getting breastfeeding off to a good start.

The one-day Mindful Breastfeeding Antenatal Course course at my venue in Kingsbridge, Devon, will teach you everything you need to know to feel confident and emotionally prepared for feeding your baby. You'll attend with your birth partner and meet a friendly bunch of local expectant parents to keep in touch with over the coming months. A deliciously wholesome & nutritious lunch is included (all dietary requirements catered for). (Please note that this course is currently unavailable until later on in 2024).

Please see below for details of my current offerings - Empowered Mama Preparing to Breastfeed Workshop/Masterclass, and my Starting Solids Masterclass for 4-6 months after birth.

Do you want to feel empowered to feed your baby with confidence?

Are you ready to understand what's about to happen to your body, how your hormones play their part and what the early days with a new born will look like?

Do you want to discover how your birth partner can support you & bond with your baby in the first few weeks as a new family?

It all starts with your hormones....

You may not be able to see them, but they rule the roost during pregnancy and the early postnatal period! They have such an important role to play and regardless of how you intend to feed your baby, your body will prepare itself to breastfeed - as that's what it is designed to do. Oxytocin, that wonderful hormone that helped you birth your baby in the first place, takes on a new role alongside Prolactin to kick start your milk supply and get your baby all of the nutrients it needs to thrive. If you're wanting to breastfeeding your baby then these hormones are the ones you want to nurture and encourage. They're shy though - if circumstances aren't just right then they'll struggle to flow. Mindfulness techniques can be used to help you to optimise your environment, mindset and practical breastfeeding skills in order allow your body & your baby to work together to provide everything that your baby needs to thrive.

"I felt empowered, encouraged & inspired "

"Your course gave me the confidence to believe in myself "

Why Nurtured by You?

You'll find plenty of other courses available, both for free and paid for - some of you may even have antenatal classes offered to you by the NHS. But what they won't do is provide you with a solid understanding of the science behind breastfeeding & normal infant behaviour, the practical skills required AND also give you the option of learning coping mechanisms and tools to enable you to support your own emotional well-being as a new parent. So often how we're feeling can get totally overlooked! I don't want that for you - you matter.

I have nearly 5 years of experience supporting mums through their breastfeeding journey and, on top of specialist infant feeding training, I have also undertaken additional education to enable me to teach you how to use mindfulness tools & techniques in order to look after your well-being at the same time, should this be something you're interested in exploring.


I have helped dozens and dozens of mums and babies now, and have also dealt with most of the common breastfeeding challenges in my own breastfeeding journeys with my two sons. Sore nipples? Been there! Massive and painful engorgement? Yup, me too! I went into my first breastfeeding journey on a wing and a prayer and suffered unnecessarily for it - yet I did the best that I could with the (very limited!) knowledge that I had and learned the hard way to do better next time with researching beforehand. Fortunately I did, and my second breastfeeding journey was much less stressful for all concerned. I therefore know first-hand the value of excellent quality antenatal education on breastfeeding, and strive to ensure that all of the parents who take my antenatal courses are left feeling confident & empowered to embark on their feeding journey whilst knowing that someone has their back, just in case it doesn't all go to plan.

Photo of Steph Pope holding her demonstration doll
What can I expect from your courses?
The Mindful Breastfeeding Antenatal Course

- please note that these courses are on hold until later in 2024

It can be nerve-wracking signing up for a course without knowing what to expect, particularly partners who don't want to be sat in a room full of hippies chatting about boobs! I can assure you that what you will find is a lovely bunch of similarly nervous parents-to-be who are all there to learn about feeding their baby. You will all leave feeling confident and empowered with your feeding choices having been provided with up-to-date, evidence-based knowledge & guidance from me.

Each course is run as a one-day event at the weekend and we will explore all things breastfeeding -  

  • how breastfeeding works

  • what to expect in the early days

  • common issues & how to avoid/manage them

  • how partners can help 

  • positioning & attachment at the breast (inc. C-section adaptations)

  • the use of mindfulness tools & techniques to help keep you calm & connected whilst on your feeding journey.


We will also cover responsive bottle feeding, safe sleep options & the benefits of babywearing.

You will receive a Welcome Pack including: 

  • The Mindful Breastfeeding Book by Anna Le Grange

  • a NBY journal & pen

  • printed resources relevant to course content

  • 4 weeks of ongoing support via WhatsApp group for course attendees.

  • various other goodies & a link to the NBY Padlet of online resources.


A delicious lunch is provided by @feastkitchendeli - please complete the section confirming your choices and dietary requirements on the booking form.

Classes are suitable from 30+ weeks of pregnancy.

Pregnant Belly_edited.png
Empowered Mama - Preparing to Breastfeed Workshop

1.5-2 hours of empowerment in workshop form (either in your own home or online) to guide you through the overwhelm and share all the essential info & skills needed to feed your baby with confidence.

There's no BS or judgement here - just evidence-based information & heaps of support for your feeding choices.

We will explore all aspects of infant feeding including the following, but the course can be completely tailored to your own personal circumstances if that is preferable:

  • Optimising chances of breastfeeding success from birth - the importance of skin-to-skin

  • How milk production works

  • Normal newborn behaviour & feeding cues

  • How to know when breastfeeding is going well & when to ask for help

  • Antenatal hand expression - how to do it & why you would want to

  • Positioning & attachment

  • Common issues & their solutions

  • C-section considerations 

  • Alternative feeding methods including responsive bottle feeding

  • Safe sleep information

  • Connecting with your baby & how dads can do this too

  • Creating a breastfeeding plan which reflects your feeding goals

  • Unlimited access to the Nutured by You Padlet of resources

Starting Solids Masterclass information

Starting solids with your baby is a big milestone and can feel a bit scary when you're not sure how to go about it. This 2-hour session will provide you with all the information you need in order to introduce solids and demystify the process - the what, the when, and the how! 

A drink of your choice is included in the price of the ticket & your little one is very welcome to join.

1:1 Infant Feeding Support

If things don't go quite to plan with getting breastfeeding off the ground, or if you simply need a bit of a confidence boost after arriving home with your little one, I offer 1:1 infant feeding support in your own home within a 10 mile radius of my home near Kingsbridge in Devon, with additional mileage to be discussed on an individual basis. I am also able to offer support online if you are further away or would prefer a virtual appointment. Most commonly I provide support and guidance with breastfeeding, but this can also be with formula feeding or a combination of both. 


Your visit will last around 1.5 hours and will include a full feeding assessment and working together to overcome the challenges you are facing. You will have unlimited access to the Nurtured by You Padlet of resources after my visit, as well as 1 week of follow up support via WhatsApp, with the option to extend your WhatsApp based support if you wish to, at a reduced rate. The use of mindfulness tools to support you and your baby through this time can be explored if you are interested in these.

I am here to support and guide you through any stage of your feeding journey  - perhaps that's with a lazy toddler latch, returning to work, starting solids or bringing your breastfeeding journey to an end. I am here to offer you support with any challenge you may be facing.

" The support that we received from Steph has been invaluable - from latching techniques to sign-posting and just chatting things through when things got very difficult. Steph has been very comforting, non-judgmental & very open-minded "

" Steph is such a giving and caring person. She's so knowledgeable and makes you feel so at ease "

" Your support gave me the confidence to continue breastfeeding exclusively which felt like the right decision for me and my baby. I hadn't considered that would be possible with returning to work, but it is" "

Package of Support

Sometimes you could just do with a helping hand over a longer period of time without the faff of having to book separately each time you need some support. My package is designed to provide you with comprehensive support with feeding from bump to baby, and throughout your first year of motherhood:

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Nurtured Beginnings

This package consists of:

  • a private Preparing to Breastfeed masterclass delivered at home or online (after 30 weeks of pregnancy)

  • two postnatal 1:1 Infant Feeding support visits within the first 12 months after your baby's birth. 

  • Two or four weeks of WhatsApp 'BFC in your pocket' support can be added for a reduced additional cost

Please contact me via email to book. Travel within 10 miles of TQ7 4RF is included and visits are subject to mutual availability which will be discussed when each element of the package is booked in.

A pregnant lady in a pink top sat on the floor cross-legged and cradling her bump with her hands.

This one-day course of 6 hours (including lunch) takes place at the weekend.

Each course runs with specific due date months in mind, so you will meet other like-minded parents-to-be at a similar stage to you.

Mindful Breastfeeding Antenatal Course

(not currently available)

A young baby breastfeeding directly from their mum and wearing a vest top covered in cars

I will visit you in your own home (or online) at a time to suit you and, after a assessing a full feed, will offer you evidence-based information & practical guidance.

£75 - inc. 1 week of

WhatsApp support

(between 9:30am & 8pm)

Travel up to 10 miles from

Loddiswell is included. Thereafter mileage will be charged at 90p a mile.

1 to 1 Infant Feeding Support

(Up to 90 mins)

A woman with long blonde hair holding a baby and kissing it on the cheek

This is a listening & debrief service in a location of your choosing (or online), where I will hold space for you to talk through your current or previous breastfeeding experience and explore the emotions and feelings you associate with it. Sessions last approx. 60 minutes.

£45 per session

Travel up to 10 miles from Loddiswell included


Please note that this is not a substitute for professional counselling

Breastfeeding Reflections

(Up to 60 mins)

Pregnant Belly_edited.jpg

1.5-2 hours of empowerment in workshop form to guide you through the overwhelm and share all the essential info & skills needed to feed your baby with confidence (available in person or online)


Travel within 10 miles of Loddiswell is included. Thereafter, mileage will be charged at 90p per mile.

Empowered Mama -Preparing to Breastfeed Workshop


2 or 4 weeks of direct access to me via WhatsApp during the hours of 9:30-20:00 every weekday - photos, videos, voice notes & text.

This is great for support with non-complex feeding issues, just for reassurance, or for extending your 1:1 support after a consultation with me.

£45 - two weeks*

£85 - four weeks*

* £10 off for those who are extending their WhatsApp support following a 1:1 feeding support consultation.

Virtual Support -

"BFC in your pocket"


Comprehensive support during pregnancy and throughout the first 12 months of motherhood.


Nurtured Beginnings Support Package

Add on an additional 2 weeks of Virtual Support via WhatsApp for £35 or four weeks for £75.

In-person visits within 10 miles of TQ7 4RF or online via Zoom.

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