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Honest, Evidence-Based & Non-Judgmental Support

Antenatal classes & breastfeeding support in Devon

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Hello and welcome! I’m Steph and I am a Breastfeeding Counsellor registered with FEDANT (registration no: 13659), Mindful Breastfeeding Practitioner, long-time Breastfeeding Peer Supporter, and mum of two small boys. I empower new and expectant mothers to reach their breastfeeding goals whatever these might be.

Before the birth of your baby, I provide an evidence-based breastfeeding antenatal course to expectant families which focus on both the essentials of breastfeeding as well as how to support your own emotional well-being as new parents. Group antenatal classes are held at my venue in Kingsbridge, Devon, and I also offer private courses at your place or online depending on what suits you best. Please note that group classes are on hold until later in 2024.

Once Baby is here, I offer 1:1 consultations in your own home to assess feeding challenges (breast, bottle or both) and provide you with information and guidance to work through these. I cover an area of approximately 10 miles radius from my home in Loddiswell for home visits, including: Dartmouth, Totnes, Ivybridge, Modbury and Yealmpton. Further afield can be discussed on an individual basis. Packages of support are also available.

Check below for my upcoming course dates and get in touch if you have any questions.

Upcoming Course Dates

“I could not recommend this course enough. I knew it would be great and really informative, but it certainly exceeded my expectations” – Laura, mum-to-be

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This is a photo of my venue for my group antenatal classes - Activities 115 located at 115 Fore Street, Kingsbridge. It is at the very top of the hill and is a lovely double fronted building

Our Venue

Our group face to face courses are held at: 

Activities 115

115 Fore Street




Breastfeeding can be hard!

It’s easy to assume that breastfeeding will come easily to you. Afterall, we’re told that it’s natural and every depiction of it that you’ve seen on TV or in a film is likely to have been a well-groomed woman gently cradling her perfectly latched on baby whilst gazing lovingly into their eyes.

This may well be the case once you’ve nailed latching baby on, but until then it can be a hard slog to find a position that works for you and your baby and that provides you with a comfortable latch (not to mention that you’ll be rocking a ‘messy hair, don’t care’ look for a fair old while!). Breastfeeding is very much a learned skill for both you and your baby, natural in the same way that learning to walk is – biologically normal, but takes a lot of practice and some falls along the way!

Having experienced my own feeding challenges with both my boys, I understand what you are going through and the rollercoaster of emotions that is new parenthood.

“Steph helped me with our latching, gave us different positions to try and, most importantly, boosted our confidence that actually we can do it, we just needed some practice and tools along the way. She answered every worry that I had and made me and my husband feel so unbelievably at ease with everything” – Beth, first-time mum


A visit from me will provide you with the evidence-based information and guidance you require in order to work through any challenges you’re facing with feeding your baby – whichever feeding method you use – and will empower you to meet your infant feeding goals for the day, week, month, year and beyond. You will have me in your corner cheerleading your efforts and ensuring that you know you’re not alone. 

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Knowledge is power & empowerment is key!

I know it can be really hard to think beyond the birth when you’re pregnant – this is entirely normal! I myself didn’t give breastfeeding a second thought beyond knowing I would like to give it a go. Boy, oh boy, do I wish I had learned more about feeding tiny humans before my firstborn was actually here and relying upon me to keep him alive!!

I really struggled and found it incredibly hard to find the support I so desperately needed. I feel that learning about feeding your baby and what to expect in the early days can make such a huge difference to life with your newborn. Second time around I had done my initial breastfeeding peer supporter training and this knowledge made dealing with feeding issues with my youngest so much easier.

I want you to be fully prepared for feeding your new baby and have the knowledge and skills to deal with common issues. I want you to know where to go for additional support and know how to maintain your own emotional well-being. Visit my Resources page for local and national support from reputable sources. Parenting is hard!! Wonderful, but hard. You deserve to go into it with your eyes wide open so that you can enjoy the ride.

Support Beyond the Newborn Stage

My commitment to support you through your feeding journey doesn't end with the newborn phase. As your little one grows, I will continue to be there for you, offering guidance on introducing solids and the gradual weaning process. As well as one-off appointments, a package of support is available if you feel you would benefit from the certainty of ongoing support without the faff of repurchasing each time.

I believe in holistic parenting, which is why my approach blends practical feeding support with mindfulness tools and techniques - your emotional well-being is just as important as your baby's nutrition, and my comprehensive service addresses both aspects.

If you would like to discuss your individual needs before booking a course, get in touch

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